Intelligent Solution for Peer to Peer Lending Investors
Monitor all your online lending platforms accounts in one place.
Connect to the most influential P2P Lending Platforms in Europe
We empower our investors with software and data analytics solutions that provide data-driven insights regarding their P2P loans.
Data Aggregate

Standardize and reconcile all your financial information in one place.

Simply Management

Connect their data to our dashboard for monitoring your accounts and measure your investments performance.

Market Analysis

Access high-quality data, to help you benchmark performance and evaluate your lending platforms.

Portfolio Composition

Quickly analyze composition and performance across any level of your portfolio to identify opportunities and better evaluate your risk.

Safely Navigate the Complexities of the Online Lending Market

Winvestify is at the forefront of this opportunity with analytics solutions and expert services that help our investors navigate the complexities of the Online Lending market to maximize the value of their assets and portfolios.

We are touching every stage of the lifecycle of P2P loans which gives us a significant advantage and access to robust market data.

At Winvestify we are providing transparency and insight into every aspect of the Online Lending Market.

All Your Investment Data Standardized
Portfolio Data

Winvestify has direct, automated feeds from all major European online lenders, allowing us to display, in real-time, your loan portfolio.


Winvestify has established universal data formats across all credit verticals, allowing consistent views of loans purchased across all major lending platforms.


We run platform-specific data cleaning rules to ensure that our clients always access the highest quality data possible.