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What is P2P Lending?

P2P Lending is a model of Alternative Financing, whereby private and professional investors, using Online Lending Platforms, lend their money in exchange for receiving an interest in accordance with the risk assumed.

The result is that the borrower gets financed at a more competitive price and the investor receives a higher return than other financial products.

The Benefits

Risk-adjusted Returns
P2P investments offer average annual returns of between 5% and 12%. P2P can offer stable, predictable, risk-adjusted returns.
New Asset Class
P2P providers have innovated by offering an efficient, low-cost method of accessing credit investments.
Alternative Financing Vs Stock Market
The performance of assets are not correlated to stock market volatility. P2P assets are expected to perform better during an economic downturn in comparison to equities or bonds.
Income or Growth
Investors often have the choice of taking interest payments as an income, or for these payments to be reinvested, enabling capital growth.
P2P Lending allows investors to diversify into an alternative asset class. Make wise fractional investments in several loans across different P2P Platforms.
Winvestify allows investors to connect their data to our dashboard for monitoring key metrics and taking of their investments.


All your portfolio and market data. Standardized.


Winvestify has direct, automated feeds from all major European online lenders, allowing us to display, in real-time, your loan portfolio.


Winvestify has established universal data formats across all credit verticals, allowing consistent views of loans purchased across all major lending platforms.


We run platform-specific data cleaning rules to ensure that our clients always access the highest quality data possible.