Winvestify is an Analytical SaaS and Expert Services
Manage assets, risk, and liability by leveraging our platform to get more information on payments, losses and recoveries.
Standardized Data is the First Step in Making Smart Investment Decisions
Our Solutions

Winvestify flexible data infrastructure allows us to accept data directly from principal Lending Platforms in a variety of formats.

Our data acquisition process guarantees that all data is direct from the source.

Clean, Accurate Data

Winvestify automated data validation engine performs hundreds of checks to verify that data complies with to internal and external requirements.

As a key part of our data integration process, our data validation engine is flexible enough to accommodate customer defined rules.

State of the Art Systems

The Winvestify platform is implemented on a state-of-the-art cloud-based cluster. The cluster fully supports continuous availability and readily scales with load requirements, ensuring our systems are always responsive to client needs.

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